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  1. 4124GS-TNR-1
    Supermicro A+ Server 4124GS-TNR

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    To £8,174.00

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  2. Supermicro Mini-Tower X11SDV-8C+-TLN2F Bundle
    Supermicro NVMe Mini-Tower X11SDV-8C+-TLN2F Bundle

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    To £8,217.00

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  3. 6029TP-HTR
    SuperServer 6029TP-HTR

    From £3,656.00

    To £11,935.00

  4. 1019S-MC0T
    SuperServer 1019S-MC0T
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What we specialise in


Cloud Storage

We offer a wide variety of highly flexible and scalable Supermicro storage solutions


Converged Infrastructure

Supermicro offers a range of servers optimised for Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI)

data storage

Big Data

We supply various servers designed to process and analyse the vast amounts of data being generated constantly.



HPC solutions are designed and optimised to handle various demanding workloads



Thanks to close partnerships with Supermicro, Intel and Mellanox, we have a vast array of networking solutions to suit any requirements

IoT / Edge Computing


We also offer a wide range of alternative solutions from Tyan, Intel and AIC to accommodate a variety of enterprise requirements.

Our partners

At Server Factory we believe in offering our customers the broadest range of components to not be tied down to one vendor, this gives us the flexibility to always deliver the exact solution the customer requires.

Why choose SuperMicro?

We choose to use Supermicro because they give us cutting edge technology, robust and expandable components, as well as intelligent, power-efficient cooling systems. They do this at a price that their competitors cannot match.

For these reasons, we are totally committed to creating maximum value by combining their systems with our support. We are also glad to be part of the green computing revolution, which Supermicro is spearheading.

A Team of experts

At Server Factory all of our staff have hands-on experience building servers, so everyone has a high level of real-world technical experience when it comes to Supermicro ensuring you get the highest quality of consultancy possible.

Call us on +44 (0)20 3432 5270

You can reach out to the team for a friendly
chat at any time. We’re happy to answer any
technical questions you may have. If you prefer
email, send to sales@serverfactory.co.uk