The Nutanix private cloud solution is uniquely suited to meet your company’s needs. Nutanix eliminates IT complexity, simplifies management, integrates data services, and improves data protection (DP) and security. Your cloud will be more agile, scalable, and, ultimately, more effective at ensuring business continuity. Nutanix reduces the cost of deploying and operating a private cloud, while satisfying ever-increasing service levels agreements.

Nutanix solution as dedicated cluster, featuring data protection and disaster recovery (DR) services, allows customers to reduce or even eliminate reliance on a patchwork of third-party solutions. Nutanix combines highly resilient, scale-out infrastructure with efficient snapshot, cloning, and replication technologies. Intelligent software capabilities provide increased protection of your applications and data while reducing complexity and cost. Full stack of Nutanix software for native data protection and DR functionality and are designed to be:


  • Application-centric. Nutanix makes it easy to prioritize your applications and assign tailor-made protection policies.
  • Multi-hypervisor and cross-hypervisor. Nutanix provides native data protection support for VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Nutanix AHV. You can also perform cross-hypervisor replication between AHV and vSphere to help optimize costs.
  • Simple to manage. The complexity of DP—with multiple solutions, devices, and interfaces—is a huge problem. All Nutanix DP and DR functionality is managed through a single pane of glass interface.
  • Policy-based. DP and DR are based on protection policies that you that allow you to deliver the right level of protection on a per-application basis.
  • Copy-efficient. Nutanix DP and data reduction technologies help you minimize the number of full data copies and the bandwidth needed for replication. This saves on space and cost, providing complete DP while allowing you to quickly provision clones for analytics, dev/test, and other functions.


Our service provides a solution for protecting your applications running on Nutanix Platform using several application and data protection tiers, depending on company’s SLAs demands. Business continuity metrics, such as RPO (recovery point objective), are achieved with asynchronous or near synchronous replication. With these integrated and simple- to-use capabilities, we can provide DR solution for Nutanix customers for a variety of applications, some of which might have been unprotected before.

With our DRaaS offer, customers can use a fully maintained solution with Opex-based (subscription) payment model so even the smallest businesses can take advantage of the DR capabilities that larger enterprises enjoy, including simplified automation, orchestration, and failover/failback, whether planned or unplanned.


Additionally, we provide:

  • Dedicated and supported Nutanix cluster for building Disaster Recovery (DR) solution with WEB or CLI access;
  • Support for Async or Near Sync replication
  • The service also includes non-disruptive one-click failover/failback testing that is isolated from your production environment
  • Allowed Eligibility to temporary migrate and run a part of production workload (VMs) to eliminate production environment resource shortage during massive maintenance procedures

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