Toshiba's Enterprise Capacity Hard Drive
- MG Series

Designed with your business in mind





  • 3.5'' SATA or SAS Hard Drive
  • 24/7 operation
  • 5-year warranty interface.
  • Toshiba Stable Platter Technology.
  • Persistent Write Cache technology
  • 550 TB/year workload
  • Flexibility in block size and SIE and SED options
  • Rotational Vibrations sensor

 As Big Data drives demand for more distributed storage in the cloud and on premises, enterprise server and storage systems need to be built using trusted solutions. Toshiba's Enterprise Capacity Hard Drive ‐ MG Series offers formatted capacities as high as 22 TB with interface options including SATA and SAS and delivers 24/7 operation at a workload of 550 TB/year. The MG Series is ideal for enterprise storage array and industrial server and storage systems. It provides the capacity and advanced technologies to meet the special demands of datacenter and cloud-scale infrastructures.


Product Specifications


Basic Specifications

Form Factor 3.5-inch
Interface 12 Gbit/s SAS / 6 Gbit/s SATA
Available Capacities 22TB / 20TB / 18TB / 16TB / 14TB / 12TB / 10TB / 8TB / 6TB / 5TB / 4TB / 3TB / 2TB / 1TB
RoHS Cimpatible Yes
Halogen Free Yes



Rotational Speed 7,200 RPM
Buffer Size 512 MB / 256 MB / 128 MB
NCQ 12 Gbit/s SAS / 6 Gbit/s SATA


550 TB / year
Unrecoverable error rate 1 per 1015 bits read
24/7 operation Supported
Limited warranty
5 Years


Toshiba is renowned the world over for 50 years of leading innovation ‐ and the power behind its range of hard drives is no exception. Designed for high capacity and excellent performance, you can be sure that Toshiba's wealth of experience in hard drives is at work in your storage system. A 5‐year extended warranty is also included with the Enterprise Capacity Hard Drive ‐ MG Series for the ultimate peace of mind

Enterprise Capacity | MG08 Series | 16TB 

Toshiba on HDD vs SSD



Your data is critical so don't risk it. Toshiba's advanced technologies have been developed to add security and assurance to the enterprise user. With Persistent Write Cache Technology your data is safe in the event of an interruption in power supply during a write to the hard disk. Data is saved in the large flash-based cache and written to the disk when power is restored.

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