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Supermicro’s range of AMD EPYC storage and server solutions offer a very high price to performance ratio with outstanding core density, memory bandwidth and I/O capacity. AMD EPYC 7000 series processors have native support for single and dual socket configurations for increased flexibility. The AMD EPYC platform is great for those looking for the best price to performance ratio without compromising on performance.
With up to 32 cores and 64 threads per socket, low latency NVMe storage options and up to 8 channels of memory per socket supporting up to 4TB of DDR4 RAM, these systems will provide enterprise-level performance and reliability while maintaining outstanding cost-efficiency. An optimised balance of compute, memory, storage and I/O resources mean that Supermicro AMD servers are powerful yet energy efficient, reducing the total cost of ownership.

Key Features

  1. Unbeatable Price/Performance Ratio
  2. Optimized Performance per Watt
  3. Up to 64-Cores and 128 PCIe 3.0 Lanes per Node
  4. Hot-swap NVMe/SAS3/SATA drive bays and M.2 Support
  5. AMD EPYC 3000-series Embedded SoC
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  1. MSI S1206-01

    Key Features/Applications:

    Cloud Computing Service, Content Delivery Network, Network Function Virtualization, 5G Core and Edge Telecom Micro Data Center, AI Inference and Machine Learning


    Dual AMD EPYC™ 9004 Series Processors




    12 x U.2 Gen4 NVMe Hot-swap drive bays


    24 x DIMM Slots, 12 channel DDR5, up to 4800MT/s, RDIMM/3DS

    Network Ports:

    2 x GbE RJ45 ports (1x Intel® i350AM2 w/NCSI), 1 x GbE RJ45 Mgmt. port (Realtek RTL8211FD-CG), 1 x OCP3.0 NIC

    Starting from: £2,160.00

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    £2,592.00 £2,160.00
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