About Server Factory

Fast, Reliable Service for Supermicro Servers, Storage and Edge Computing.

Server Factory is based in High Wycombe, North West London and was founded in 2010 by Max Machula and Michael Bloom, we have steadily grown to become a thriving, multimillion-pound business.

Max Machula is a networking and server expert with 15 years of experience running hosting companies. It is here that his idea for Server Factory was born, as Max found he was often left waiting for Supermicro components. Max understood that there was a gap in the market which could be filled, and so he turned to Michael Bloom, a hi-tech entrepreneur. Soon after, they launched Server Factory, promising speedy delivery, high-level support and best prices for all Supermicro Servers and components.

"Every IT procurement manager wants to feel peace of mind, knowing that when a hardware issue arises, he has reliable people to turn to, who will offer the best price and service combination to fix the problem. " Max Machula, Founder, Server Factory Ltd.

"Our customers are mostly internet providers, hosting companies, financial services companies, image processing companies and academic institutions." Michael Bloom, Director, Server Factory Ltd.

Looking to the future, Keeping it Green

At Server Factory, we are a green computing company that is committed to reducing our environmental impact and promoting sustainability in the technology industry. We believe that technology can be used to create a sustainable future, and we strive to be part of the solution.

One of the ways we contribute to green computing is through the products we offer. We partner with companies like Supermicro, who share our commitment to green computing and sustainability. By offering our customers energy-efficient hardware and software solutions, we can help them reduce their environmental impact and save money on energy costs.

We are also committed to reducing our own environmental impact. We have implemented a number of sustainable practices in our operations, such as using energy-efficient lighting and equipment, recycling materials, and reducing paper usage. We encourage our employees to practice sustainable habits in the workplace, such as using reusable water bottles and coffee cups and minimizing their use of single-use items.

Another way we are focused on being green is through the services we provide. We offer cloud computing and virtualization solutions that are designed to be energy-efficient and reduce the carbon footprint of our customers. By using our cloud services, businesses can reduce their energy consumption and IT infrastructure costs, while also promoting sustainability.

Overall, at Server Factory, we believe that green computing is not only important for the environment, but it is also a smart business decision. By adopting energy-efficient technology and best practices, businesses can reduce their energy costs, improve their bottom line, and meet the growing expectations of customers who demand sustainability.

We are proud to be a green computing company and to work with partners like Supermicro to promote sustainable computing and reduce our environmental impact. We believe that by working together, we can create a more sustainable future and reduce our environmental impact for generations to come.

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Meet the Team 

Meet the Team


Max Machula 

Managing Director & Founder


Tom Dowdle



Daniel Ridgley



Harry Palmer

Sales Director


Bruce Gunnersen

Sr Account Manager


Shiro Beaumont

Business Development Manager


Alex Britton

Integration Supervisor


Ethan Hann

Warehouse Manager


Hasnain Mahmood 

Head Technician


Joshua Palmer



Arslan Imran



Daley Shaw



Daud Cheema

Jr Technician


Bruno Vass

Jr Technician